MARINA THERESIA TROST (15.10.1975 – 11.08.2019)


Her Vision

During a meditation session, singer Marina Trost received a calling from within. In a meditative state of mind a white whale came to her and asked her to listen closely. “Come to Hawaii and sing with us. Give us a voice and open people’s hearts through our song . Let them reconnect once again with us Whales, and all creation. Let them reconnect with their own precious hearts through this.”

Too often in life we don’t follow our visions and dreams, but Marina did. She knew exactly what to do, who to hire, where to go, and what the goal was.

It was a film which would touch people’s hearts, open and soften them to finally allow them to heal, and by healing themselves connecting in love and respect with the creation. What a visions, right?

Her Life

Marina was a bright light who inspired people all over the world with her soulful voice, her music and meditations. She studied jazz singing at the Anton Bruckner Conservatory, Linz / Austria, took lessons on various instruments (clarinet, violin, piano) and intensive classical singing lessons from a teenage age.

As a testament to her dedication and talent, she graduated with distinction and was a permanent fixture in the Munich jazz scene where she deeply touched countless music-lovers over the years.

Intrigued by the mind-body connection, she also received training in Feldenkrais-oriented bodywork and functional voice training. Marina embodied a holistic and body-oriented approach to singing, because the voice is more than just singing.

With her voice and various instruments – Monochord, Kitao, Shamanic drum, singing bowls – she opened hearts and minds across the globe to meditation, silence and authentic inner movement.

The arising sounds created a vibrating field, in which healing and awareness become possible. A reconnection to the knowledge of sereneness, health and happiness stored within each of us, can happen. A deeper perception is possible. Being in the here and now.

Marina, who we deeply loved, continues to inspire deep reverence for sea mammals and our oceans even after her passing. We profoundly miss her.

Marinas Music

Within her music created in the moment, the energy of everybody present and the energy of the spiritual world melted into each other. The people’s vibrations and frequencies transferred by the spiritual worlds, were flowing into Marina, into the sound of her voice and instruments.

Everything blended perfectly into the sounds, rhythms and melodies needed for meditation, healing and transformation. This was the very moment Marina perceived everything from within. Every piece of music, every place, every moment was utterly different and truly unique. A multidimensional journey for all of us and all beings on this planet – sung by Marina Trost.


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