Katarina Kezeric

Katarina Kezeric

Assistent Editor, Sounddesign & Music Supervisor

Marina Trost brought Katarina on board the project exactly 3 weeks after Sebastian, the director of Amaara. Whether it was about the film itself, plans for a book or healing cards: The three of them sat together throughout the process, planning, exchanging ideas and weaving magic together. During this time, ideas emerged that culminate in this film.

From the beginning, Marina knew that Katarina would be one of the people who would be essential in bringing the film to life and making it leap into the world. “Do you promise me that you will help it go out into the world?”. Katarina kept her promise.

What role did her work play in the making of the film? As a marketing expert, she arranged for post-production funding through a successful crowdfunding campaign and handled the appropriate media coverage.

During filming, she was closely involved in the post-production as Sebastian’s life partner. She assisted in the editing of the film and took care of the sound design of the film with him, which leads into a magical world through its fine composition.

An equally important part of her job was that of sound supervisor for the music. She was the person who knew which piece of music had what quality, where exactly it should be placed and how long it should be heard to create the maximum impact for the magical story of Amaara.

Katarina also found the perfect closing song for this cinematic gem: she discovered Laor Oman-Naharin and intuitively knew that her song “Agradeco” was going to be the ending of one of the films produced with Sebastian. Initially planned for another film, it became clear at the right moment that “Agradeco” would be a gift that would continue the song of the whales.

In addition to the music, Katarina also found the voice of the mother whale in Amaara: Anne Byrne from Ireland. She carries the audience through the film with her warm and motherly voice. Whether sound design, music or the voice-over, Katarina’s great talent is shown in the right decisions that have to do with music and sound and thus contribute significantly to the atmosphere of the film.


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