Hans Von Chelius

Hans von Chelius

Music, Original Sound and Sound Design

Hans is our sound genius, creating the deeply meditative, moving music, original sound and sound magic for AMA’ARA. He draws on his extensive experience as a successful pop and rock producer, singer, and composer.

The musical career of the exceptional singer began in 1991 with the role of “Judas” in the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Several leading musical roles followed, such as in “The Wall” or the GOP show “Rockstar”. He impersonated “Iago” in the rock opera “Othello”, which he composed together with Robert Fuhrmann.

Hans has worked with Xavier Naidoo (“Way to Mars”), Michael Mittermeier (“Back to life”), Guano Apes, Sasha, Tito & Tarantula, Willy Astor, Reamonn and others, and we’re honored to collaborate with him.


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