Christoph Heyden

Christoph Heyden

Cinematography and Organic Art

Christoph is a free and open-minded artist. He is a true image magician. Whether in the air, on land or under water: he always succeeds in capturing the right moments and scenes in breathtaking, magical-poetic images.

In addition, he creates completely new worlds for AMA’ARA with his fascinating and beautiful organic art.

He is fascinated by the essential elements of nature, its purity and intensity. He is a master of its colours and fluids and he is that freak who always surprises you with things you have never seen before and that you know would take ‘mind. a lifetime’ to create artificially.

He is a creator of extraordinary, fluid microcosmic universes where you can think about humanity and the whole web of life, where you can project everything into it.
Most of the time he goes on journeys of discovery to create his art out of the living.

Through his art, he thereby touches the viewer at a deeper level of consciousness – where explaining and understanding is superfluous, where the viewer simply engages and remains open to the journey.

That is why his artistic creations with organic forms and colours are very popular in film projects, trade fair events, festivals and installations with healing approaches.

His installations and videos are always an expression of impermanence.

His organic videos are shown in commercials, music videos, art installations, various films and also at festivals and art exhibitions in Europe and most recently in Asia and America.

Universal Music, Olafur Arnalds, Aurora Picture Show Houston, Dojo Filmhouse, Zara Production, Jobstfilmproduktion, IAN, MSM studio group Ltd, Ghetty Images South Korea, Biinds, ZEISS Planetarium Jena.


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