Christina Gallagher

Christina Gallagher

Assistant Director & Personal Assistent Hawaii

Christina, originally from New York, now lives in Hawaii where she inspires, empowers and launches the potential of others. She has experience in both the medical arts and the creative arts. She taught, mentored, and advised medical professionals, teachers, and parents. She lectured nationally at conferences and locally in Hawaii while serving as an Army physical therapist and a 21st century global school educator. 

She is a multi talent artist, oil painter, and photographer. She sees light and beauty as heart activators. Her art is found throughout Hawaii on musical CD cover art, cards, and glass. 

As an intuitive entrepreneur, she currently hosts, facilitates, and teaches
women’s rejuvenation retreats, monthly women’s circles, and has a thriving private practice for integrative women’s empowerment and wellness. She sees herself as a lightworker shining the way for others to step into their power, be the light, and live a life they love, now. This is her peace plan. 


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