A profound masterpeice of mediative cinema

We just watched ‘Ama’ara – the Song of the Whales’. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing this beautiful masterpiece. It really is important to stick to your vision, regardless what others might say. And now that we’ve seen the film, it’s clear that you made the right decision!

Where to start? The film has so many powerful moments that it was impossible to watch it, without at times going into tears, both of joy and sadness. The film evokes feelings that are very deep.

You’ve somehow landed in a place that reminds us of ‘Ashes and Snow’ or ‘ Winged Migration’, with a little Terrence Malick ‘Tree of Life’. Wow. And the footage is truly STUNNING. National Geographic quality at its finest. We kept thinking THIS is the reason cameras – especially drones – were invented.

The way you depict Marina as a divine whale goddess is magical too. She will surely be very happy with what you’ve created, watching from across the veil in ‘whale heaven’ 🙂 The shots of her walking through the tunnels in Bosnia, wearing those flowing gowns, or her playing a Monochord in the giant tree… nobody has ever seen anything like this. Just amazing. We are sure that this film will go down in history as a profound masterpiece of meditative cinema.

Kudos to you and much luck on your path to releasing it. We totally support you on your journey.

Tonia Madenford & Frank Jacob, LA based Producers


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